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Signatures for Term Limit Re-Vote

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1 StaciHoldt Thank you. We need to be able to re-vote this matter  
2 ColetteRichards    
3 LeeMilner The voters of El Paso County will not forget the devious wording of the original ballot!  
4 BarbaraCotter    
5 SteveKjonaas The devious nature used to foul the voters must be fixed. If the Commissioners feel so strongly that they were correct in extending the term limits. Make the next term limit ballot question straight forward in simple English.  
6 DeborahHoldt This needs to happen. Trust in public officials is running quite low. Even this may not help!  
7 Clyde TWehner This is a litterbox in need of cleaning.  
8 ElaineBrush This will not go away until the Commissioners repeal it!  
9 JeanieBein Please clear the air by allowing informed voters to make a decision about term limits for El Paso County offices.  
10 DonnaKnight