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Signatures for Term Limit Re-Vote

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11 LoisFornander   The voters were duped!
12 JasonDeVries Every single county official responsible for this deception should have been recalled immediately! I'd certainly help with that effort.  
13 DaveGardner    
14 PamBerry Thanks for making sure this issue comes before the County Commissioners, and they are aware that many voters were indeed confused by the wording and voted in a way they did not intend.  
15 BrianBahr Although I knew this was an extension, many friends were confused by how the question was worded and thought they were limiting the terms.  
16 GavinStegmiller    
17 CherylMasters    
18 RickWehner    
19 laurakadlecek I guess it is true that the public only has a 60 day attention span. We need to bring this back on the table!  
20 WendyNelson