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Signatures for Term Limit Re-Vote

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71 DavidJensen Put it on the ballot again with the same wording. If the voters are so uneducated that that they do not know what it means then they should not vote on it. As for the rest of us that did usderstand that they were asking for a 3 time chance and voted no will vote no again. Wake up and read what you are voting for.
72 JuneWaller To keep this in line with other laws of the state's term limits.  
73 VeronicaPetchak All office should be term limited  
74 chrisfleischhacker the ballot wording in this measure did not clearly indicate to voters this was an increase. return to two terms
75 PauletteFlohr    
76 leonardmollica   zg7mdk
77 TomMowle